Episode 4.21 – The Synchronicity Highway

Posted by Mark Johnson on Tuesday, 3 of June , 2014 at 11:34 pm

Our guests are authors Rob & Trish MacGregor who discuss their new book “The Synchronicity Highway”.



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Comment by May

Made Wednesday, 4 of June , 2014 at 5:35 pm

Most of what Rob and Trish refer to as synchronicity are what I refer to as “pattern-clusters” because they are purposely generated by a hidden source who are in the process of revealing themselves. You simply have to know where to look, and one of the more prominent places that pattern-clusters are generated can be found on Wikipedia’s site that lists the deaths of notable persons on a daily basis. For instance note the following three notable Deaths:
John Brantley Hightower (died July 6, 2013)
Jack English Hightower (died August 3, 2013)
Donna Hightower, 86, (died August 19, 2013)

So what are the chances?! Hightower is not that common a name. And there’s more when investigating further, for instance John Hightower was born on May 23rd– the 222nd day of the year There are only 6 days out of the year that contain either 111, 222 or 333, and one of them happens to be 9/11, that has 111 days remaining in the year. One can easily see the connection of “Hightower” with the Twin “High” Tower destruction that occurred on 9/11, and note as well. So the next question needing to be asked is “who is waging war against us”?! A question that is also answered once you learn to decipher the meaning behind the pattern-clusters.

The chances of three notable person with the surname “Hightower” dying within just over a month

Comment by Cathy

Made Thursday, 5 of June , 2014 at 3:45 pm

Much of what appears to be synchronicity, could be purposely generated patterns when considering the following: Geneticists recently discovered that many humans are what they refer to as “Chimera’s”, which essentially means persons having a hidden/absorbed twin. It is possible that what we have long considered to be “our” subconscious is really that of an inner twin who infiltrates our thoughts and thus influences our actions without our being aware, hence generating pattern-clusters… or what the MacGregors refer to as synchronicity.

Comment by May

Made Wednesday, 25 of June , 2014 at 5:05 pm

For a number of years I’ve been researching and documenting pattern-clusters, many of which come as the result of recent , “timely” deaths of notable persons. My research is available at http://pronoiasecrets.blogspot.ca/

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